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      Linyi lantai environmental protection & Technology Co., Ltd.
      Linyi blue Thai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2015. It is the governing unit of China sand and stone association. It is located in Hedong Industrial Park, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. As a comprehensive utilization of construction waste and a new type of spongy City material specialized enterprise, it has been working with the General Hospital of China Building Materials Academy, Tianjin University, Peking University and Wuhan University of Technology, focusing on the comprehensive research on the recycling of resources and new environmental protection materials, and has a number of related technical patents.Project introductionConstruction waste comprehensive utilization project is approved by the Linyi municipal government, Linyi blue Thai environmental protection and Technology Co., Ltd. for the preparation unit of the Linyi city construction waste comprehensive utilization project franchise project. The project covers an area of 130 Mu and an investment of 120 million yuan. It is a sustainable development project of resource utilization and regeneration of building waste through sorting, screening and breaking through the most advanced equipment and technology in the world at present.ProspectThe project can deal with 1 million 500 thousand tons of construction waste in Linyi. It is expected to save 4200 mu of land in Linyi. The regenerated products include recycled aggregate, recycled mortar, recycled concrete, prefabricated components (PC components, precast culvert, etc.) as well as the spongy city series building materials and products. The production of regenerated products is all physical process, no chemical reaction, no waste gas, waste water and so on in the production process, which fully comply with the environmental protection standard. The project will be built as the national demonstration base of standardized construction waste comprehensive utilization project as the development goal.Government supportConstruction waste refers to the abandoned soil, waste and other waste produced in the process of building, rebuilding, rebuilding, expanding and dismantling all kinds of buildings, construction, pipe network, etc. and in the process of decoration and decoration of the residents.--- the Ministry of construction Decree No. 139th "urban construction waste management regulations"RecyclingAt present, most of the construction waste is transported to the suburbs by the construction unit without any treatment. The amount of construction waste is large, the components are various and the nature is complex. Stacking or landfill has a great impact on the production environment of mankind.Construction waste is not garbage but the wrong place resources. The most thorough solution is to use construction waste treatment equipment, turn waste into treasure, and follow the "reduction", "harmlessness" and "industrialization".Leadership careSince the completion of the project, it has received the care and support of leaders at all levels. In the future, the blue Thai people will devote themselves to the cause of environmental protection with more enthusiasm.
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